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Friday, August 29, 2003

Tom Daschle's Blog is the writing which I have chosen to discuss.

Tom Daschle is a democratic senator from South Dakota. He has used his blog currently as a memoir of his travels across South Dakota. The issue which would be considered his main argument on this site is the current health care crisis. The cases which Daschle describes are only problems found in his current electorage, however he states that health care is something that needs to be dealt with nationally by congress.

The style used by Daschle in his blog is a very serious yet informal style. His mentioning of fun and interesting things which he experiences help to make the writing informal. The topic that he is addressing however is one that must be discussed in a serious manor if the reader is to understand his position as a politician.

Healthcare is an easy topic to establish pathos with. The reason for that is because most Americans today have dealt with health issues or know of someone who has. Also people believe their healthcare should be affordable and readily accessible. For those who haven't had to deal with the problems of the current healthcare system Daschle wrote a somewhat depressing story in his second blog. He tells how a man had to let his wife die of cancer because they did not have the money to pay for treatment nor did they have health insurance. This certainly would cause most people to agree that healthcare needs to be addressed because of an appeal to their emotions.

His detailed accounts of the European and Canadian healthcare systems help in logos. He describes the simplicity of their systems and the relatively low costs. This makes people see the logic of moving to the kind of healthcare system that he promotes.

Ethos is found different ways in his blog. One is in the fact that he is an elected official. Most people reading his work already trust him based on this accomplishment. He also demonstrates a level of competence in his writing. On several occasions he mentions new things that he learns showing that he already has an understanding of the subject matter. He also relates how he is a source of knowledge on healthcare by describing his postion as a member of a conference committee appointed by congress to solve various medicare issues.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

My name is Andrew Mullinax. I come from a small town called Cartersville which is only 45 min north of the campus. My major is undecided engineering. I am the second oldest of four children. My older brother Jonathan died when I was fourteen. He was born with a terminal illness and had been given a terminal diagnosis at birth. My parents are divorced and my father is remarried.

During high school I became accustomed to being at the top of my classes. I graduated with a 4.0 and I made a 5 on my AP Calculus test. I spent a lot of time this summer thinking about how I might no longer be so close to the top. Really it doesn’t bug me if I’m not the best as long as I know I tried my hardest. I decided to take Calculus 1 over to try and maintain a higher GPA my first semester.

Drawing and reading is how I spend a lot of my spare time. If anyone would like to see my artwork I normally carry it with me. My favorite books are the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I also enjoy Hemingway, Faulkner, Heinlein, and Jack London. I wouldn’t say that I favor any one genre of books; I will read anything that catches my fancy.

I spent this summer working two jobs. During the day I was a lifeguard, as well as, a swimming lessons instructor and a swim team coach. Then at night I was a cashier at Kroger on the third shift (11pm-7am). While I was at the pool one day I decided to practice my dives. As I went into a back gainer I didn’t quite clear the board and smashed my leg on it. When I got out of the water I looked down and saw my bone sticking out of my leg. That’s about the time I freaked out.

I managed to walk to the phone and call 911 and then with help from some other lifeguards I bandaged my leg. Fortunately my leg was not broken, although I did chip the outer layer off of the bone. I had a six inch laceration and had to get 21 stitches. My leg is better now, and I have an awesome scar to show off. I think it’s always good to include a stupid story of how you hurt yourself in any non resume self-introduction.

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